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Validate your ​game-changing idea

Validation is an essential step before launching your brand new product, idea, service. Indeed, you surely want to derisk your campaigns, or innovation projects and you want to make sure that your game-changing idea does indeed fit your audience, your customers, your market. Right?

By applying a Business Design Thinking methodology, you can make sure that your business idea is relevant, will prove efficiency and will make sense for your target audience and customers. This is a  customer centric approach that is inspired by the designer’s toolkit and that we, at The House of Marketing, apply to the Validation process with our customers. 

That way, you will be able to check the viability, desirability and feasibility of your project and of course ensure your success. So, are you ready to start looking into it with us? 

Validate your innovation ideas

From inspiration to implementation, we’ve got you covered

Customer Centricity
Data Driven
Experience Design
Powerful GTM
Innovation Team
Future Trends Outlook

The marketing field is constantly evolving and new trends are constantly emerging. It makes sense to look into it, but you don’t need to rush it! Together, let’s:

  • Spot the relevant trends for your market
  • Turn trends into growth opportunities for your business
  • Differentiate your brand and offer from competitions



Customer Centricity
New Customer Centric Value Proposition

When building your roadmap, you need to know where to play. For that, you need to listen to your customers. With our help, you will have more insight on:

  • Your actual customer needs to define direction for future growth
  • Concept ideas & their potential in-market​
Data Driven
Validate & test your Customer Centric Value Proposition

To strenghten your current offer and value proposition, you need to start somewhere. Our Innovation circle’s experts will guide you to

  • Use behavioral data
  • Apply Business Design Thinking
  • Apply a testing methodology to sharpen conceptual VP’s​


Experience Design
Your Validated MVPs & UX

What would ideas be if we don’t actually execute them? Only dreams. Let’s make the relevant dreams come true for your business:

Powerful GTM
Your Killer Go-to-Market Strategy

We help you build a GTM strategy that is relevant and will prove efficiency given the insights collected and the testing done.

  • We build an impactful launch strategy based on insights
  • We define G2M approach through in-market testing thanks to growth hacking
Innovation Team
High performing innovation team

The real fuel of your project is you and your team members. The change starts with you, so our Business Design and Innovation circle never forgets to include Humans in the process.

  • We shift mindsets to drive innovation performance
  • We incorporate innovation within processes and day-to-day business 
  • We coach your team to become highly performing​

5 reasons to start an Innovation project with The House of Marketing

  1. You keep looking at trends but you’re getting cold feet every time you’re close to launching a project,
  2. You want to reshape your customer centric value proposition and adapt it to the actual market and the real needs and expectations of your customers,
  3. You want to have a lasting business value and an impact on the market,
  4. You wish to work with experts that are passionate, motivated and will focus on reaching your business objective with decisions based on consumer data and innovation skills,
  5. You need some motivation to get out of your comfort zone and adopt a new mindset within your team

If all these sound familiar, then you know what to do…


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